(My) Return of the 3D

  • 01-04-2020
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Many times I have tried to play with 3D and render simple thing but now during unprecedented times of CoVid-19 outbreak. I have decided to try it again but with a little more different approach.

Product photography is not an easy task and especially without a proper studio. Lightning, lenses and many other accessories might be expensive and hard to find. So why not make a virtual studio?

The answer is yes, the downside is that is more time consuming getting the product model in 3D but nowadays many companies are using 3D models in their advertisements and campaigns.

So here what I managed to do with my basic skills and knowledge.

Step 1. Virtual studio and Lightning

It might look simple but there is 3 lights in this setup.

Step 2. Create the product.

In this case to make my life easier I decided to make this cosmetic product in a glass bottle. Simple shapes are easier and faster to model.

Step 3. Materials.

This sometimes might be the hardest part especially when you want to duplicate existing ones. For me, it was an interesting learning curve of trial and error.

Step 4. Render

I decided to use V-Ray render along with 3D studio max. With pretty much default settings.

Step 5. And here is the final result.

Material learning curve … mmm …. to yellow
And the final render

Combining Photography, 3D rendering and graphic design. Let me know what you think and let`s create together.

Original product

Raw power!


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